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Chiropractic Care

We specialize in providing a classical chiropractic adjustment addressing spinal misalignment with a firm and gentle correction done by hand. Some assistance with the drop table, pelvic blocking or activator is sometimes employed. All adjustments and exams are done with clothes on and no special attire is required to receive an adjustment.  Discussion regarding diet, lifestyle and exercises is an important part of your office visit as a way to help reinforce transformations while undergoing chiropractic care. However, by focusing on chiropractic adjustments and referring to other people for additional therapies we are better able to provide an exceptional chiropractic experience. We will refer out for x-rays if needed on occasion, however we do not require routine x-rays prior to chiropractic care.

Santa Rosa Chiropractic

A Science of Life

Chiropractic is truly a science of life that honors the inherent healing capacity within. Life will always present difficulties and our body must integrate stress on a daily basis. With a stronger, more flexible and responsive system we can meet each challenge with fresh energy and the fortitude to grow from every experience. Adaptation is the greatest asset we have and we must guard and cultivate the ability to rise to life’s challenges or we succumb prematurely to the aging process and become more vulnerable to illness. The spine is the most intrinsic part of our vital life energy because it influences the function of the nervous system. A healthy spine equals a healthy nervous system which equals a strong life force energy. A spinal adjustment clears interference in the nervous system called subluxations and allows the body to naturally move toward balance, ease and health. This allows us to express our life radiantly.

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