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Disc Herniation

Whether due to age or injury, a disc herniation is never something to take lightly. Understanding the severity of the pain and discomfort caused by this condition, Toth Chiropractic offers treatment to help correct the problem and alleviate any of the pressure you may feel in your neck and back.

Disc Herniation

Made up of rings of fibrous material with a tough gelatinous core, discs within the spine are at risk of rupturing when over strained or traumatized. When this happens, that gelatinous material at the center pushes outward and either partially or completely breaks open the disc. The nerves then begin to swell with irritation, caused by an active chemical in the nucleus.

This is where the pain kicks in.

In order to correct this problem and return the spine to its natural alignment, Dr. Douglass Toth utilizes one of the most exceptional disc herniation treatments practiced today. Techniques utilizing spinal mobilization are pain-free methods that are well known for helping to stretch the spine and restore range of motion, allowing the chiropractor to reduce pressure in specific areas of need.

The goal of any disc herniation treatment is to return the nucleus to its position at the core and move the discs away from the nerve. However, in every case, Dr. Toth prefers to follow the 50% rule. This means that if your disc herniation treatment does not improve the problem by 50% after

12 sessions, other options will be considered. That may mean the assignment of imaging studies or a referral to a spine specialist.

Contact the office of Dr. Douglass Toth to schedule an appointment or to learn more information on disc herniation treatment.

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