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Vertigo Treatment

Vertigo differs from a typical case of dizziness in the way that it is a recurrent sense of spinning and swaying when in actuality, nothing is moving at all. It can even cause to you feel physically ill. Surprisingly enough, most chiropractors offer vertigo treatments and remedies out of their offices due to the fact that vertigo is actually a common symptom of a misalignment in the neck area. Toth Chiropractic sees a great number of patients come through for vertigo treatment because the methods work and they can be done without the use of drugs.

Before starting any treatments, Dr. Douglass Toth will conduct a thorough examination in order to determine the actual cause of the condition. Among the list of possible causes are stroke, tumors, cervical misalignment, virus, neurological diseases (such as MS) or more commonly, Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. Once the cause has been revealed, a proper plan for vertigo treatment can be set up.

If you suspect that you are experiencing symptoms of vertigo, please contact the office of Dr. Douglass Toth today by calling 707-526-1390 and schedule an appointment for a physical examination.


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