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Chiropractor for Pregnancy in Santa Rosa Ca

Back pain is usually the result of a sudden severe strain or a repetitive low grade strain on the body.  When this kind of force overwhelms the body’s ability to stay balanced then we become injured and must seek treatment. Pregnancy is like a repetitive low grade strain on the body because it changes the body’s center of gravity.  An evaluation by a chiropractor for pregnancy in Santa Rosa Ca can tell you how your body is doing with your preganancy and tell you if chiropractic treatment will help with any discomfort you may be feeling.  The shift in gravity actually can stretch ligaments that aren’t used to being stretched and force muscles to tighten in response to a new anterior weight bearing posture.

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On top of the change in balance is a change in hormones.  During pregnancy a hormone called relaxin is produced which is actually designed to relax your joints.  Even though you might only be in your second trimester the body is preparing for the delivery day and making sure that your pelvis can move enough to get the baby out. Dr. Toth is a chiropractor in Santa Rosa Ca that understands how this might also make your low back a little too flexible sometimes and set the stage for a more vulnerable back.  With relaxin in the blood and the center of gravity out of the norm it’s no wonder why so many women complain of back pain during pregnancy.

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