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A Legacy of Health

Purpose in life is about what makes us passionate because when we are passionate, we are capable of making a difference in the world.  Being absorbed in our own problems and inadequacies is an easy thing to do, and obsessing constantly about how to overcome it all is the usually the result.  The formula is […]

Being Our Best

Subluxation of the spine means that certain joints have improper alignment and are putting pressure on the nervous system.  Chiropractors adjust the spine to correct these subluxations, which improves alignment, releases the pressure on the nervous system, and allows the body to move properly again.  Proper movement provides flexibility and resilience which prevents injury, prevents […]

Proper Spinal Alignment

The inflammatory process, muscle and ligament tears, disc herniations, arthritis are all within the bodies ability to manage when there is an environment of proper spinal alignment.  Chronic pain is not the result of some chronic injury or chronic disease that has a chronic nature, chronic pain is there because the body is failing to […]

Self Recovery

There is an innate intelligence within all of us that needs no help in maintaining the body’s health; it just needs no interference. There is no person, machine, or organization that can heal more effectively than a person’s own healing systems, when functioning optimally. This is the premise of chiropractic: that when a person’s spinal […]

Cultivate your health on a daily basis

Personal empowerment in life is about finding what truth means to you. And often along the way, we are seduced by what other people say is the truth and forget to question its authenticity. This is especially true when we grow up exposed to certain things enough that they just seem normal.