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Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain: What to Expect

The neck is a complex network of nerves, joints, bones, and muscles. Not only does the neck allow the head to move, but it also provides support to the head and protects the nerves that carry signals from the brain to different parts of the body. A sufferer of neck pain may be unable to […]

Neck Pain Causes, Types, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Neck pain is more common than you might think! Researchers believe that almost 80% of people will experience neck pain at some point in their lives. Neck pain can come in varying extremes. Some people with neck pain experience a dull and mildly irritating ache, while others report sharp nerve pain that radiates down their shoulder. […]

How Can I Relieve Shoulder and Neck Pain?

Neck and shoulder pain are becoming more common with each passing year. The average person can expect to experience both neck and shoulder pain at some point during their life. Neck and shoulder pain can cause a restricted range of motion, negatively affecting a person’s quality of life. Causes  Some common neck and shoulder pain […]

Why Chiropractic Treatment Is Best for Conservative Care for Neck Pain

Neck pain is one of the most common types of pain disorders. A study shows that around 34-43 percent of the population will experience neck pain at some point. From degenerative diseases and injuries to sitting, standing, or lying in a poor posture, there are many causes of neck pain. In earlier times, it was […]

Neck Stretching Exercises to Relieve Pain After Travel

Have you just returned from a vacation, and experiencing pain or stiffness in your neck? This occurs more often than people realize. However, the good news is that there are neck stretching exercises that you can do to alleviate the pain and prevent the problem from getting worse. You should consult a reputed chiropractor from […]

Suffering from Text Neck? Chiropractors in Santa Rosa can help you Overcome it

Modern technology is indeed amazing, as you have the whole world in your palm at the touch of your fingertips. But with instant information and entertainment, it also brings you myriad health issues such as text neck. Text neck is a trending topic these days. While the name may sound somewhat comical, the condition has […]

Neck Pain Treatment with Santa Rosa Chiropractor

We have all experienced a little neck pain at some point in our life.  It can happen from sleeping in a different bed, bad posture, a long flight, a big weekend riding bike or even just turning suddenly in the shower.  Sometimes it’s something small that we do and sometimes it’s after a big trauma.  […]