Dr. Douglass Toth
1223 College Ave, Suite 100
Santa Rosa, CA

New Patients


Free Consultation

All new patients are extended the courtesy of a free 5 minute consultation with Dr. Toth for the purposes of meeting in person and having a brief discussion of the problem of concern.  If Dr. Toth feels he can help you and you feel comfortable with his thoughts then you may proceed with a full initial exam and adjustment.

What to expect

Your initial visit will take about an hour and will include a thorough history, a complete orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic examination as well as your first adjustment.  Dr. Toth will recommend a follow up appointment within the next few days to discuss a treatment plan based on his findings from the initial visit and your response to the initial chiropractic adjustment.  Advice regarding diet, lifestyle, exercise and home therapies will be included in the second visit.

All adjustments and exams are done with clothes on and no special attire is required to receive treatment (except no mini-skirts please).  We will refer out for x-rays and lab tests if needed on occasion,  However, we do not require routine x-rays prior to chiropractic care.

All patient care, treatments, and exams are done exclusively by Dr. Toth himself.  Staff support is employed for administrative assistance, billing, bookkeeping, inventory, answering phones, taking payment and making appointments.

Hands on Care

Chiropractic treatments in our office consist mostly of the hands on care of Dr. Toth.  The technique of choice for Dr. Toth is diversified and includes many elements from the several schools of thought in the chiropractic profession.  Adjustments may involve manual manipulation, trigger point therapy, Thompson Drop Table, Activator Methods, physiotherapies, SOT, Motion Palpation Institute, and Gonstead Technique.  Some stretching and tissue work is often involved to relax the body before and after adjustments.  Consultation regarding diet, lifestyle, stretching and exercise is included on a visit by visit basis depending on the stage of care and the condition involved in treatment.