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Staying Active


Maintaining a lifestyle that remains connected to the activities we love is important for true enjoyment in all phases of life.  Whether it’s weekend hikes, playing with kids and grandkids, getting out on the golf course, staying on top of your tennis game or keeping up in the garden your body can either be your best friend or your worst enemy.  And if you find yourself on the bench for a time-out then having a good strategy with the proper support can get you back out there.

Balanced Alignment

The wear and tear of our normal daily life in combination with possible hobbies or work routines that strain our body can accumulate until we start to break down.  However, unlike machines we have an innate ability to recover and restore ourselves given the right kind of care and support.  Our structural alignment should be maintained with regular chiropractic care, balanced exercise and stretching specific to our body.  We will have optimum activity and function when we manage  accumulated misalignment in our body and prevent premature illness and injury.

Wellness Care

Periodic chiropractic adjustments throughout the year are an important part of a wellness lifestyle.  Prevention of injury and disease as well as the optimization of our health should become a routine.  With regular self care emergencies are avoided and enjoyment of life is a normal experience day to day, year to year!